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It has been a successful first week for OCCUPY MY TIME GALLERY with a steady stream of visitors and very positive comments. Our grand opening was a amazing with the gallery packed out. Thank you Barbara Dean for her great performance with was thought provoking and intriguing. Some images of the gallery from this week. 



Last Fridays  tomorrow night 29th June we will be screening Erasure onto Kitsch in Sync walls. Kitsch in Sync is the great vintage patisserie and cafe adjoined to OCCUPY MY TIME GALLERY. Come along to see Past and Present and Erasure and enjoy a glass of wine or beer and some great homemade cakes too.


Erasure is Maslen & Mehras’ and Riz Maslens’ first collaborative work. The artists combine imagery and sound to create an experimental screen based work which questions the aggressive transformation of areas of East London due to the upcoming Olympics.
Erasure was originally shown at Olympic Visions at the Nunnery gallery in London and then Videoholica International Video Art Festival 2009, VARNA
3.18 minutes 2009

Thank you everybody for visiting our first show Past and Present it was very successful and good to meet you.

Our next event will be a 6 week residency called


23rd July-31st August 2012

Ian Gonczarow and Leanne Bell Gonczarow

During the end of July and through to the end of August Ian Gonczarow and Leanne Bell Gonczarow will be taking up residency in the gallery. Ian and Leanne have been living and working in Moscow for the last three years and this residency brings them together for their first joint event since their return back to the UK.

Ian explores methods in drawing and painting which research visual language to its prime function. He engages with open ended narratives through juxtapositions of disparate imagery and painterly techniques. Potential narrative is opened up, whilst simultaneously closed down or limited by inclusion of graphic language and text. The accumulated languages belonging to both texts and particular types of imagery (Abstract or sampled) are used to negate each other, in an attempt to offer a transcendence from their associated or accumulated histories. Ian’s aim is for a new space for dialogue on current social, economic, art world and political situations that brings in less tight lipped reference points.

Ian graduated from Goldsmiths in MFA Practice in 2009, and he gained hi BA HONS in Fine Art from University of Northumbria  Newcastle in 1996.

Leanne Bell Gonczarow’s practice considers narrative construction and suggestion in relation to time-based phenomena. A driving force of the practice is an exploration of light, particularly our relationship with the sun and our emotional responses to how its light passes over the earth. Light is subject and material in works which utilise digital photography, video, projection, installation, online platforms and the book form. During an MA Book Arts (Visual Arts) at Camberwell in 2007 an interest was developed in the book as a construct or site in which time can be highlighted and controlled through an engagement with the book’s inherent qualities ie. page, order, sequence and through these, contained duration. Post MA the book form has become less of a focus in the practice, but the installations she constructs use these qualities as a kind of architecture to articulate time and space. Current work is focused on the creation of zones of contemplation in which the sculptural and photographic conspire to create suggestions of spaces at once real and fictive.

Leanne gained a distinction from Camberwell College of Art in MA Book Arts in 2007

During their residency they will be exploring their own practice and the interaction between the gallery space with reference to the local political and economic environment and its affiliation with their experiences while living in Moscow.

Open Studios from 12-4.00pm 4th & 17th August during Deptford X.

Private View 6.00-9.00pm 24th August.

Exhibition continues until 31st.August

Last Fridays 31st August 6.00-8.30pm


Leanne Bell Gonczarow                                                  Ian Gonczarow

Time Trickles Here                                                         Big Jug

Mixed Media                                                                    Acrylic on Canvas

2011                                                                                  2012

Work in Progress.






  Leanne and Ian have been working in the Gallery now for two weeks. The responses above are just some of the ideas developing. We are looking forward to seeing how these reactions manifest into final outcomes.

It has been a while since OCCUPY MY TIME GALLERY  has updated this site. I will be uploading details very shortly of previous shows and events…apologies we have been concentrating on our main website www.occupymytimearts.yolasite.com where you will find all details/images of previous and current shows.

In the meantime here are the images from our recent Private View for our current show.

Cold Climate PV 2013Cold Climate PV 2013 x3

Cold Climate PV 2013 x1Cold Climate PV 2013 x2

COLD CLIMATE OPEN SUBMISSION February 22nd– 23rd March 2013




 Ben Walker / Lorraine Robbins / Tania Diniz / Ashley Fitzgerald / Lili Phelouzat /John Adams / Catherine Jacobs /Joss Cole / Angela Summerfield / Christopher Bond / Karin Janssen / Simon Farid / Axel Bottenberg / Eliza Bennett/ Jochen Klein

Last Saturday  2nd March the South London Art Map Tour paid us a visit on their New Cross to Deptford Tour. It was good to see such a good turn out and discuss our current show Cold Climate with them.

South London Art Map Tour Feb 2013

South London Art Map Tour Feb 2013slam tour 2013 x2

slam tour feb 2013

The show has had a good response, we need to find the most popular piece of art work the race is on!!

it gives us great pleasure to announce that Joss Cole has been awarded a solo show in November for presenting the most popular piece of art work in Cold Climate. Well done Joss. Thank you to all the artists who took part in Cold Climate it was a pleasure to work with you.

Our current show is ‘All Your Dogs Are Dead’ by Shona Davies and Dave Monaghan.

uninvited III (2) shona and dave

After successfully representing OCCUPY MY TIME GALLERY at The London Art Fair  2013 Shona Davies and Dave Monaghan  we are delighted to present their solo show All Your Dogs Are Dead’ in the gallery.

Davies & Monaghan are interested in exploiting the sense of unease generated through distorted perspective and aim to create a sense of disquiet by positioning the viewer as an illicit voyeur, peering at scenes through various manipulated viewpoints and warped perspectives. They create miniature worlds into which are woven some form of narrative, working with animation and 3-D installations.

The Private View last night for All Your Dogs Are Dead was a great event, we had a very successful evening which was busy and lively despite the cold weather.

all your dogs are dead PV 2 all your dogs are dead PV


all your dogs are dead pv5all your dogs are dead PV 2 all your dogs are dead pv 3 all your dogs are dead pv 4 all your dogs are dead pv 6 all your dogs are dead pv 7 all your dogs are dead pv 8 all your dogs are dead pv 9 all your dogs are dead pv 10 all your dogs are dead pv 11 all your dogs are dead pv 13 all your dogs are dead pv 15 all your dogs are dead pv 16 all your dogs are dead pv 17 all your dogs are dead pv 18 all your dogs are dead pv 19 all your dogs are dead pv 20

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